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everyone who thinks I’m cute because they’ve seen my selfies online have got another thing coming tbh lol……………. cameras cannot pick up how beautiful I am in real life

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love has truly been good to me

not even one sad day. . 

or minute I have had since you’ve come my way 

I hope you know I’d gladly go 

anywhere you’d take me 


I wish it was cock o clock ;)

breathingeasier kissesforpink

group convo with Brit breathingeasier and Sam kissesforpink ;)

I said so much nasty shit this morning

breathingeasier thekingsthoughts

*tries to take a selfie* deletes 253 photos and keeps 0

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people that can get to Manhattan for $2.50 but don’t go, scare me

to those who can’t cook

if tumblr hasn’t inspired you to learn how to cook, idk what will

my cousin in London is hilarious ! 😆

I wanna be grabbed up

and be told nasty things

and have those nasty things 

done. to. me.

"you’re never gonna drink. when I drink I’m fun" lol words of Sam. I wasn’t drunk guys. I had a corona. I don’t like beer. Beer don’t taste good :-/ the kid at the beginning is Sam’s cousin that I was bugging. Super quiet lmao. This was like two weekends ago, I’m late. I thought I was going to sleep but I decided that I am awake •_• you can see my face. Enjoy kissesforpink

Aunty Janice from BIM

Is sitting in my living room right now !

I love my aunt :) 🙇