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*tries to take a selfie* deletes 253 photos and keeps 0

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people that can get to Manhattan for $2.50 but don’t go, scare me

to those who can’t cook

if tumblr hasn’t inspired you to learn how to cook, idk what will

my cousin in London is hilarious ! 😆

I wanna be grabbed up

and be told nasty things

and have those nasty things 

done. to. me.

"you’re never gonna drink. when I drink I’m fun" lol words of Sam. I wasn’t drunk guys. I had a corona. I don’t like beer. Beer don’t taste good :-/ the kid at the beginning is Sam’s cousin that I was bugging. Super quiet lmao. This was like two weekends ago, I’m late. I thought I was going to sleep but I decided that I am awake •_• you can see my face. Enjoy kissesforpink

look what Aunty Janice brought for me from BIM ! Chefette chicken and potato roti 😍 nom nom nom

you know what also sucks

people are immature -_- 

you can never bring everybody you know together. females especially. everybody got something to say about the other person. but for some gay ass reason I must get along with people my friends introduce me too. but folks around me always wanna beef with one another. we’re 22 years old now. you would think  that J.H.S, he/she said shit get old but folks in there 20’s still having fall outs. I hate people. I be in my house -___-

birthday in 4 days and I’m not even excited

keeping it simple and going to IHOP Thursday morning

invited the same people who came out last year 

I’m not into the club scene, going out for drinks, meeting people, etc -_- hell no. I hate people. there’s nothing people can say or do to make me like people. that terrible music they be playing and sitting watching folks who can’t dance dance anyway. fuck that, eat some pancakes call it a day.

Stop telling me I look good without make up. I know I look good without makeup. I look good with makeup. I look good.

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pumpupthevolumee asked: Does love = sex?


I don’t actually hate people it just exhausts me being around them for extended periods of time even my friends it’s nothing personal I just actually like being by myself yo

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my response to everything is either no or I don’t know.

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