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my response to everything is either no or I don’t know.

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Wear shirt two times: Dirty
Wear hoodie every day for three months: Still clean.

"some guys actually want to be your friend and don’t want to date you"

yea this is true. before I talk about the cool guys let’s talk about the assholes first. not that they’re important but save the best for last. me and a guy friend was talking about being “straight forward” the other day. like just be real. it’s 2014. If you a freak, you’re a freak. that’s it. there’s nothing to be ashamed about. don’t go talking about it with ppl who are not freaks because they judge you -_- don’t be an asshole about trying to get some buns. don’t force it either. I feel like dudes are never 100% about wanting sex. some dudes beat around the bush and make it hella obvious. if you gotta bullshit to a female that you just want buns then maybe you should leave her alone 👐 let’s be real. don’t keep harassing her and be annoying. you’re gonna scare her away -_- don’t tell her one thing and when she get there it’s another thing. that’s an asshole move. don’t tell shorty you “like” her to like a dummy -_- it may sound like I have no morals but ((idgaf, lmao)) I feel like ppl gotta put a title on everything just to have sex 😒 why front when you can just get straight to the point ? what’s the issue ? no one has to know. if you’re more traditional, that’s cool. I respect it. for the nice guys :)))) keep being nice and if the female is being grateful. give shorty the boot 👢 don’t waste your time with unappreciative ppl.

Girl Code: Getting Ready

I used to be a really smart kid who was “going places” but now I just cry a lot and eat all the food in the fridge

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it’s gotten to the point where I cant even call what im doing “procrastinating” anymore, I should just be calling it “jeopardizing my future”

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"But luxury has never appealed to me, I like simple things, books, being alone, or with somebody who understands."

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my plans after high school? well, I was thinking I’d [loud truck horn as it rushes by]

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I refuse to do this work and school thing.

people are gonna say “that’s life” -_- no society doesn’t have control over my life. I hate having a job. I don’t like school either but if I had to choose one it would be school. I’m looking for a job now but by the time I’m 22 (June), I should have about 3-4 sugar daddies and I’m good. I’m not doing it anymore. Shits annoying. Unless someone can get me a job paying between like $10-$15 an hour then I’ll take it, other then that = no, I’m not doing it. I worked at McDonald’s, Edible Arrangements, Nathan’s Famous, Ricky’s NYC, trained at Jersey Mike’s. . it wasn’t cutting it. I don’t care what anybody say.

I have an obsession with quotes because other people are so much better at putting my feelings into words than I am

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the better my hair looks the better I function in school

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guys and gals

when you just “chilling” with someone does the giving head come with it ? I feel like dudes like to chill way too much and be quick to ask for head and not give it in return. I’m not in a situation like this but just asking for future reference. All opinions are welcome. Not judging anybody.